Calendar of Events



January 24, 2024


DHIR Training (Milk Test)

Learn the ins and outs of how to sign up for, perform and understand the results of milk test and how to earn Milk stars for your goats and additional performance recognition.

Location: Latimer Luck Acres, Watkinsville, GA

March 20th @ 1:30pm

Goat Health and Management

Learn how to manage the health of your herd: hoof trimming, draw blood for testing, medications, how to stock your first aid kits, etc.

Location: Decimal Place Farm, Conley, GA

May 13th 5-7pm

Showmanship Training

Learn how to groom your goats for a show, anatomy of goats, understanding the ADGA scorecard, and how to properly handle a goat in the show ring. All ages welcome.

Location: Jackson County Agricultural Facility, Jefferson, GA

July 10th @ 1:30pm

Integrated Parasite Management

Learn about most updated specifics of deworming mediation usage, drenching, medication dosages, giving copper boluses, etc.  How to check your goats for necessity of intervention or not.

Location: Caterwaul Creek Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Madison, GA

Sept 18th @ 1:30pm

Pasture Management

Ruminant animals require grass or hay. Learn to manage your fields to increase its productivity and in turn the productivity of your goats.

Location: Haddock, Georgia

Nov 20th @ 1:30pm

Going Grade-A Dairy & Managing a Dairy Goat Business​

We will be reviewing the basics on how to go Grade-A and managing the business side of raising dairy goats. We will review a powerpoint presentation on the topic and tour the farm after to show you what it looks like in practice.

Location: TBA

December 10th @12:30

Holiday Lunch & Youth Showmanship Award Ceremony

Come join us for feast and festivities as we celebrate the hard work of our youth showmen and women in their end of year awards ceremony. There will also be a fun goat themed white elephant for anyone who wants to participate.

Location: TBA