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How to handle worms in your Goats

Like most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this segment we will focus on two main topics, prevention and treatment.

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To help prevent worms starts with pasture management.

1. Since worms don't have legs, they cant climb high on the grass stems. About 75% of worms that affect your goats are ingested in the botton 2" of grass. the next 15% are in the next two inches up of grass. Therefore, allowing your goats to not graze your pastures below 4" of grass will help eliminate their re-ingestion of worms


There are many dewormers out there, but many of the goats in Georgia have developed resistances to them.

Ideally you would use 2-3 different dewormers back to back (aka given within 24hrs of one another) to ensure the worms that are resistant to one drug are killed off by one of the others. This also helps prevent resistant worms from surviving and reproducing in your goats GI tract.