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Meeting Programs

Hands-on learning about the care and management of Dairy Goats

January 2020 - DHIR

Every January we host a meeting to review how to get your herd started and renewed on DHI milk test. During this meeting, held at Latimer Luck Acres in Watkinsville, GA, we go through all the steps and break down everything you need to know about DHI from what it is, to how to sign up, becoming a tester, how to properly draw and send and record samples and how to understand your results. During this event we offer the Langston DHI lab test so you can become an official DHI verification tester for that year. We also bring in a state representative to calibrate your milk scales to be official as well.  

March 21, 2020- Treating with Herbals

*Due to the viral outbreak of the coronavirus and the stricter guidelines about limiting physical social interaction we have decided for the health and safety of our members to cancel this program. Information will be emailed out to members from this program and included on our next newsletter*
During the March 2020 meeting we will be discussing "Treating Goats with Herbal Remedies". During this program we will discuss the basic principals of the various herbal and natural remedies that can be used in the treatment of illness and other conditions in dairy goats and how to initiate them into your herd.  We will also discuss the benefits of many supplements that can help improve dairy goats from increasing their milk supply, to improving their coat to benefiting their digestion. 
The program will be held at Fox on Fire Farm in Cumming, GA. 

May 31, 2020 - Going Grade A

During this program we will be discussing the rules and requirements of starting and maintaining a Grade-A Goat Dairy in Georgia. This program will review the regulations current for 2020 in the State of Georgia and that of the US DHHS Food & Drug Administration's Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and how it pertains to dairy goats in particular. Members will learn about the necessities and requirements they would need to implement in order to be considered a Grade-A Dairy and allowing their milk to be used for human consumption. 

July 19, 2020 - Heritability of Traits

This program will teach members about how likely (or not) different traits will be passed down in generations of goats. This also gives statistics on how likely a doe or buck would pass on their desirable traits vs their undesirable ones. This is a great intro into understanding the genetics behind breeding dairy goats and scientific methods you can use to improve your future generations of dairy goats. 

Sept 20, 2020 - The Business of Goat Farming