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The LaMancha was developed in the USA. It has roots in Spain, but its full genetic history is somewhat obscure. LaManchas vary greatly in size, and often tend to be somewhat shorter and blockier than most other breeds of dairy goats. Taller, more refined animals are seen and are acceptable as well. They are widely respected for their docile, even temperament and steady production of milk of fairly high fat content.

The hair is short, fine and glossy. The LaMancha face is straight or slightly dished, with the ears being the distinctive breed characteristic. There are two types of LaMancha ears. "Gopher" type ears contain no cartilage but only a ring of skin around the auditory canal. "Elf" type ears contain a small amount of cartilage and a small amount of skin that may turn either up or down from the cartilage but should be no longer than two inches. One type of ear has no advantage over the other when evaluating does, however only gopher ears are acceptable on bucks. Any pattern, color, or combination of colors is acceptable.

Mature LaMancha does should be at least 28" tall at the withers and should weigh at least 130 pounds. Mature LaMancha bucks should be at least 30" tall at the withers and should weigh at least 155 pounds.