Georgia Dairy Goat Breeders Association (GDGBA) 

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Georgia Dairy Goats 101

If you are new to goats or have been raising them for years, this may be a good place to learn and refresh your knowledge. The members of the Georgia Dairy Goats have created a collaborative stockpile of information over many years of experience and consolidated it here for you to use as reference. Please remember this is what has worked for us over many years of  experience combined and should not replace recommendations by your vet.




  1. What to look for in a sire
  2. When to breed

Raising Kids

  1. Benefits of Colostrum
  2. Bottle raising vs Dam Raising
  3. How much to bottle feed a baby goat


  1. Housing Requirements
  2. Fencing Requirements
  3. Stocking rates for goats/acre
    1. Standard Breeds
    2. Miniature/Dwarf Breeds


  1. Pasture
    1. Understanding Georgia Forages and Hay
  2. Grain
  3. Hay
    1. Hay suppliers in Georgia
  4. Supplements
  5. Water